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Using www.enchriso.gr / www.enchriso.com presupposes unconditional agreement with the following terms which are in effect for the whole website. Therefore, the visitor/user is requested to carefully go through these terms before using the website and only make use of it if they agree with them. The visitor/user is requested to check these terms frequently for any changes. Using the website after any changes also means unconditional consent to these terms by the visitor/user.


1. General Terms

Www.enchriso.gr website includes the online shop of En Chriso Stogidis G. Papadopoulou M. SA company, located in 7 Tsimiski str., GR54625 Thessaloniki, Greece. This website (therefore referred to as “our website”) provides the user with information on the company’s products and allows online purchases.


2. Acceptable Use

You are requested not to use this website in any way that causes instant or potential damage to it or limits its availability and accessibility. You are requested not to use it in an illegal way, to cause fraud, damage or for illegal purposes.You are requested not to use the website to copy, save, host, transmit, send, use or publish any element which includes or is associated with spying, electronic viruses, Trojan horse, worm, keystroke logger, rootkit or other damaging software.You are requested not to collect data from or through the website (automatic collecting and data mining included).


3. Copyright

Unless otherwise stated, “En Chriso” is the owner of the website’s copyrights (text, images, graphics). You can see and download parts of the website for pesonal use only, under the conditions stated below.You are not allowed to: i) Republish parts of the website without using the link of their origin, ii) Rent or sale parts of the website, iii) Reproduce, copy, or any other kind of use of the website for commercial purposes.


4. Privacy Policy

For the completion of transactions (orders, purchases, questions) through the website, “En Chriso” is asking for some of the user’s personal data. The nature of the data as well as the way the company maintains and uses them are stated later in the text. The use of electronic services of our website requires unconditional consent with these terms.

Which personal data are requested?

In order to proceed to any order and purchase through the e-shop of “En Chriso”, the following data are requested: Full name and surname, Shipping address, Billing address (if different than shipping), a contact phone number and an e-mail address.
For communications through the contact form, only a full name & an email address are requested.

How are these personal data used?

En Chriso company stores the submitted data in order to send the orders and communicates with the client for its progress. Data management is according to the EU legislation, with the purpose of completing the order placed by the client, and they are in no way subject of publication, sharing or sale to third parties.

In case of an online payment transaction using a credit or debit card, card’s data are directly submitted to Eurobank’s secure environment and our company does not keep or know any of these data.

The company stores your e-mail address in order to inform you for news and offers. You are allowed to choose whether or not you wish to receive this kind of communications from our website by e-mailing your request to info@enchriso.gr.


5. Commercial Goods – Availability – Characteristics

Products for sale, their characteristics, prices and stock are present in this e-shop and they are available to the public. Users can search for more information using the contact form found in “Contact” page.

En Chriso does not guarantee the in-time update of clients regarding products’ availability. The company works in order to provide all the necessary information on every product (techincal characteristis, prices, etc.) but, in order to avoid mistakes, we recommend that you communicate with us before completing your order, in case you need further information or you believe the ones provided are inadequate or wrong. Listed prices are final, and VAT is included. En Chriso withholds the right to adjust prices without informing the public.


6. Orders and Consumer Protection

Orders placed through the e-shop stand for remote sales contract, and are regulated by the current EU legislation as applied in the time of purchase. 


7. Others

Force majeure:
If for any reason of force majeure (bad weather conditions, strikes etc.) we fail to ship or deliver your order, you will be informed via phone or e-mail, in order to agree on the next steps. En Chriso company is not liable to any situation beyond its control.

No warranties:
The website is provided as is, with out any direct or indirect warranty. En Chriso company does not guarantee that the website will be always or completely available.

Liability Restriction

En Chriso Stogidis G. – Papadopoulou M. SA is not liable to any third party about the content, use or consequence by the website:

since the website is provided free of charge, for any indirect image

for any direct, indorect or consequent damage

for any professional damage, loss of earnings, loss of contracts or professional relationships, loss of good reputaion, loss or damage of data and information.


8. Adjustment of terms

En Chriso withholds the right to adjust or renew the terms and conditions of transactions. The company undertakes the obligation to update this text with any changes or additions. Every update in these terms is in effect from the date of publication on the website, and therefore we ask the users to read them frequently.

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