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Every product you buy from En Chriso is stamped for its material (925 for sterling silver, Au585 for 14K gold, Au750 for 18K gold and Au375 for 9K gold) and accompanied by an En Chriso Warranty, in which we state the materials used for this product and any gifts that may come with it. The warranty does not refer to time.

For faulty or missing products please consult our Returns Policy.


We hereby provide you with some advice on how to take care of your jewels and keep them intact!

Oxidation is a natural characteristic of silver and it is rhodium or goldplated in order to become more durable. Nevertheless, silver jewels are sensitive to chemicals and daily contact with water. Therefore, we recommend that you avoid the contact with cosmetics and detergents and remove them in shower or while doing housework.

Jewelery made of gold can brighten again if you boil them in water and soda for a few minutes; the stones can shine again if you gently rub them with a toothbrush.

We can undertake the restoration of any silver and golden jewel. If you are interested, please contact us.

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